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About Us

Italian Paintings is on line art gallery of artistic association MeridiArte primarily constituted in Naples on January 2000, by painters, sculptors, ceramists, critics and art passionate. The principal purpose of the association is to promote works made by its own members through the organizzation of exhibitions, kermesses and art events. Moreover, MeridiArte promotes all kind of activities concerning art and handicraft, and supports initiatives purposing to bring out creativity.    

MeridiArte proposes world-famous artists and young talents, and puts a web page at everyone’s disposal. The associations makes sure that all the presented works are of absolute authenticity, correlated with certificate of guarantee and with the original signature of the artist.

MeridiArte addresses to similar association, artists in search of a scope, art galleries and collectors.

  • Paestum landscape
  • Venice oil painting
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  • Contemporary Art Figurative
  • Positano oil painting
  • coast oil painting
  • Figurative
  • Landscape oil painting