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Contemporary Art - Abstract - White phosphorus
White phosphorus, contemporary art of the Artist Emanuele Gentile. ..
Contemporary Art - Denied identities
Denied identities, multi-material assembly, contemporary art artist Paolo Chirico. ..
Contemporary Art - Intimate emotions
Intimate emotions, contemporary art by artist Christian Montuoni. ..
Contemporary Art - Muse
Muse, contemporary art by artist Paolo Ferrigno. ..
Contemporary Art - Sculpture
Sculpture of contemporary art by Artist Angelo Montefusco. ..
Contemporary Art - Steven on the SuperHighWay of knowledge
Sculpture of contemporary art by Artist Dominik Stahlberg. ..
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Figure oil painting - Ciao da Marco
Figure oil painting by french artist Philippe Balland. ..
Giò con la conchiglia - watercolor
Figure, watercolor by italian artist Annamaria Scocozza. ..
Loving the tram - Painting incision etching
Painting incision etching by artist Nello Caruso. ..
Modern Art - Abstrac
Modern art, abstract mixed on canvas, by artist Sonia Riccio. ..
Multiple - Digital print
Multiple, digital print by Franco Scarano. ..
Nike, figure 50x140 mixed media artist Floriana Testa. ..
Prayer, 30x30 lambda print, art photography. ..
Reflections, acrylic painting of the painter Gerardo Iorio. ..
The exeption - digital print
The exeption, 50x70 art photography digital print by artist Dario De Cristoforo. ..