Dear User,

We desire to inform to You that the D.lgs. n. 196 of June 30 th 2003 ("Code in subject of protection of the personal data") it foresees the guardianship of the people and other subjects in comparison to the treatment of the personal data. According to the suitable legislation, such treatment will be stamped to the principles of correctness, licit and transparency and of guardianship of Your reservation and Your rights. To the senses of the article 13 of the D.lgs. n.196/2003, therefore, we furnish her the following information:

1. the data from You furnished will exclusively be treated for the management of the commercial relationship, invoices, shipment information and commercial communications. 2. the t

reatment will be effected with the following formalities: the inserted data reside on a file server in location near the society Alicom S.r.l. that it furnishes us the service of provider, and it is possible to access only such data through password reserved to the only responsible of the treatment of the data.

3. the conferment of the data is obligatory for the issue of commercial invoices, documents of transport and in the compilation of the letters of cars for the delivery of the commodities, the possible refusal to furnish such data doesn't have any consequence, it prevents however the management of the commercial relationship and therefore the missed prosecution.

4. the data won't be communicated to other subjects, neither they will be object of diffusion.

5. the holder of the treatment is: MeridiArte Via P. Castellino 121/c Napoli Italy.

6. the holder's representative in the territory of the State is Gino Pisani (if the holder is established in the territory of a non belonging Country to the European union and employs, for the treatment, situated means in the territory of the State also different from those electronic or however automated, except that they is used only to the goals of transit in the territory of the European union)

7. in every moment You can practice Your rights towards the holder of the treatment, to the senses of the art.7 of the D.lgs.196/2003, that we integrally reproduce for Your convenience:


Legislative decree n.196/2003, Art. 7 - access right to the data personal and other rights


1. the User has the right to get the confirmation of the existence or less than personal data that concern him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.

2. the User has the right to get the indication: A) of the origin of the personal data; B) of the finalities and formality of the treatment; C) of the logic applied in case of treatment effected with the aid of electronic tools; D) of the extreme identified you of the holder, of the persons responsible and of the representative designate by virtue of article 5, paragraph 2; E) of the subjects or of the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that you/they can come to knowledge of it as designate representative in the territory of the State, of persons responsible or entrusted.

3. the User has the right to get: A) the updating, the rectification or, when interest has you the integration of the data,; B) the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of law, inclusive those of which not the maintenance is necessary in relationship to the purposes for which the data have been picked or subsequently essays; C) the attestation that the operations of which to the letters A) and B) they have been suited to knowledge, also as it regards their content, of those people to which the data have been communicated or diffused, excepted the case in which such fulfillment reveals him impossible or it openly behaves an employment of means disproportionate in comparison to the protected right.

4. the User has the right to oppose, in everything or partly:

A) for lawful causes to the treatment of the personal data that they concern him, and pertinent to the purpose of the harvest;

B) to the treatment of personal data that they concern him to thin of dispatch of advertising material or direct sale or for the conclusion of market research or commercial communication.